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Post Disposable Workshop

We are calling on our global community of creative rebels and change agents to put their creative skills into full force in helping us activate a global movement to Post Disposable. Let’s move beyond the negativity bias that plagues so many people wanting to make change and start to action interventions that help people shift from the hyper-disposable society we have created to a more sustainable, regenerative and circular one.

We have a big idea. This workshop’s goal is to maximize your capacity to create interventions that help us all shift from the hyper-disposable society we have created, to a more sustainable, regenerative and circular one.

This is an intensive 3 day immersive experience to activate your personal spheres of influence to transition towards the post-disposal circular economy. Central to this program will be exposure to exciting real world challenges and experiences.

You are a group of emerging leaders, professionals and visionaries that will be among mentors and facilitators passionate about creating a post-disposable future. This program is about closing the knowledge/action gap to gain the skills and confidence to actively intervene and design solutions as leaders in the movement towards a post-disposable future.


This is for you if:

  • You are already leading change, as the founder of an organization, or as a leader in an organization that is working towards a post-disposable future.

  • You have the ambition to bring a post-disposable future into your organization, and have the ambition and drive to fight for it.

  • You are a practitioner/trainer in design and want to learn how you can strengthen your practice through learning from the UnSchool and the Kaospilots.


Kaospilots has educated entrepreneurs, changemakers and leaders with a creative edge and a global mindset for more than 25 years. The Kaospilot education has given leaders the ability to design transformational change within, organisations, and communities and navigate with direction and confidence through complexity and adversity.

“Probably the most impressive accelerator/fellowship program we’ve seen emerge in Europe.”  

- HealthStartup Europe


3 day program

Dates: April Thurs 26/ Fri 27/ Sat 28

$1800 for 3 days (?)

  • Offer equity access scholarships

  • Sponsors/funding?