The UnSchool buildS leaders who have transferable and essential skill setS FOR A CAREER IN creative change-making

We designed the UnSchool UnMasters in Creative Change-Making because we believe that every organization should have a professional Change-Maker role as part of its core leadership team. Leaders with a creative systems thinking mindset to help transform old linear ways of thinking that prevent transformative change, with a sustainability focus to ensure longevity and ethics in programs and processes and reflexive, critical brain power to develop new solutions to tired problems that no longer work.



The Focus

Throughout this program, we’ll deeply explore and practice using tools on real projects and problems. Along the way, we’ll refine leadership skills and strategies in communication & facilitation, mentoring and feedback cycles, problem-loving, ideation and taking action. This program is about activating the passion you have for making positive change in the world at an influential level.


Systems + Sustainability
Research + Actions
Circular Economy + Consumption
Human Behaviours
Experience Design
Systems Change


We are building a new generation of Creative Change-Makers. People who see what is happening in the world, and are passionate about engaging with all the systems involved to create effective, sustainable change. These skills refine your ability to see opportunities within problems, and address them in ways that create solutions that go beyond band-aid tactics. The UnMasters in Creative Change-Making builds the capacity you need to create a career in positive change.

  • Systems thinking
  • Life cycle thinking

  • Reflection and reflexivity

  • Externalities and consequences
  • Agency and activation

  • Creativity and collaboration

  • Synthesis and emergence
  • Ethics and empathy

  • Leadership & change communication




The UnMasters Program is a year long program, based predominantly online with weekly lectures, mentor sessions and group work meetings. Weekly activities will include live digital lectures, projects, group knowledge synthesis and project pitches, independent reading, research, project design, and peer feedback. This program goes beyond theory and into project activation and interactivity from the onset.

There will be two face-to-face retreats held in Portugal at our Brain Spa Campus - one at the beginning for initial establishment of the program, and one at the midway point where we shift to personal project focus. These retreats are each one week in length, and provide the opportunity to experience the UnSchool regeneration project in action, while creating bonds and networks with your cohort. As a bonus, you get to stay in our beautiful rural campus and eat directly from the farm gardens and local markets.


 Your retreat takes place on an olive and citrus farm we are regenerating as part of our project into living learning labs

Your retreat takes place on an olive and citrus farm we are regenerating as part of our project into living learning labs

 Our beautiful new classroom in Portugal restored in the old family building using local materials and techniques

Our beautiful new classroom in Portugal restored in the old family building using local materials and techniques


intake 2018 DATES

September 23-28, 2018 // Program Launch Retreat in Portugal (*this date may change*)

September 23, 2018 - December // Trimester 1 // Knowledge Building

January - April // Trimester 2 // Knowledge Activation

April 22 - 26, 2019* // Activation Retreat in Portugal // (*this date may change*)

May - July 26, 2019 // Trimester 3 // Project Activation



What are the requirements for admissions?

We are looking for people from all backgrounds who have made the commitment to drive positive social and/or environmental change. In general this looks like 5+ years of professional experience in a field of expertise. It doesn't matter if your experience is with a company, NGO, corporation, or project-based, or in an established degree program, we just want to make sure you have real-world context to draw on during the program. An undergraduate degree is not required to apply, but we do require participants to have established knowledge in a particular domain.

We are not hung up on degrees or titles. We’re looking for people who are collaborative and critical, and will increase the cohort’s energy to design change.

Are there language proficiency requirements?

Sessions are offered in English only at this time. In the future we hope to offer this program in multiple languages, however for this cohort, participants will get the most benefit from the program with a high proficiency in English. We can arrange closed captioning for people with limited audio accessibility.

What are the requirements for successful completion of the program?

You will need to attend a minimum of 80% of the online sessions, and both in-person retreats held in Portugal at our CoProject campus. You will also need to complete 100% of the projects assigned throughout the program. We are flexible when life happens, however we are looking for people who have placed a change-making career as a high priority, and understand that your engagement affects the entire cohort’s journey.

What do I get to demonstrate I have completed this program?

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a letter of accomplishment and be highlighted in our alumni showcase. And most importantly, you will have a deep toolkit of knowledge, strategies, techniques, and connections for a disruptive career as a Creative Change-Maker.


Who teaches the program?

Our programs features a variety of facilitators to help you develop your critical, reflexive and creative capacity. This flexible program format allows you to work directly each month with a lead facilitator in your small cohort, and also be engaged with a variety of different experts, educators, mentors, guests, and inspiring people in sessions throughout the program. We have a history of amazing contributors, and you can expect a diverse and international group of people.

What is expected of me time-wise on a weekly basis?

You will attend live, virtual classes and peer sessions up to 4 hours per week. Additionally, expect to complete 4-5 hours per week of self-directed study or project and team work. In total we estimate 8-10 hours per week. The program is designed to be robust yet paced for those who have other priorities and responsibilities at home and work. 

How big are the cohorts?

Your cohort will have between 6-12 people. We have designed the program to have rich contact points within small groups. It is an intimate, intensive setting with opportunities to collaborate deeply and support each other’s work.

Where are the retreats?

The two program retreats take place at our beautiful campus in rural Portugal, built on a 200yr old olive and citrus grove at our newly built BrainSpa at the CoProject. What’s a BrainSpa? Check out the website here to see what you have to look forward to during the retreat time with your cohort!

What if I can’t attend the retreats?

Full participation in both retreats is required as they are critical to the learning experience and cohort connection.

What kind of technology do I need to do this program?

You will need access to stable internet, a personal computer, and a quiet place to join the class.



Your tuition covers a week of accommodation and food on our Portugal campus - learn in a regenerated 200 year old olive and citrus farm eating food from local producers and our own food forest. The CoCampus is a living learning lab.

How much is the program?

Our program is designed to have high contact within small groups, with facilitators focused on supporting your learning journey and a cadre of high impact mentors to provide authentic exposure and inspiration. We are investing alongside you in the program.

The program fees are $4,000 USD per trimester ($12,000 USD total). This covers everything except your travel to the retreat facility in Portugal. Fees include meals and accommodations during both retreat weeks.

If the travel costs to Portugal are prohibitive for you, you may apply for a travel scholarship as we have some funds available to assist with access to the campus.

Are there scholarships available?

Scholarships are available and will be awarded based on your application responses and demonstrated commitment to positive social change.

Many employers are willing to support learning advancement. We can provide a template letter, with an overview of the program and the professional development benefits to help you. Crowdfunding is another way to be proactive about your investment by asking your community to invest along with you.

We would love to support everyone who feels they need a scholarship but we always have more qualified applicants than scholarship dollars available. If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship, get in touch with us to make arrangements.

What is the tuition payment process?

A non-refundable deposit of $500 USD will be required to accept our admissions offer and secure your spot in the program. Tuition paid in full by dates indicated in your offer letter will receive a 10% discount. Tuition can also be paid in 3 instalments according to the payment schedule in your offer letter.  Life can be unexpected and plans can change, so we will provide a full refund on the tuition (minus the deposit) up to 30 days of the program start date. After that, no refunds will be provided. If you have to stop or defer the program, you will pay only for the semester you are currently in.