Program Scholarships

UnSchool Equity Access Program

The UnSchool is committed to providing equitable and accessible programs to our change-maker communities around the world, especially to applicants from underserved and marginalized communities.

As a self-funded organization, we operate on a lean budget and do not have deep scholarship funds or external philanthropic sources to reach into. That said, we do work hard to distribute our resources to support our applicants in highest need and between 2015-2018 have given +40 recipients over $120K of scholarships to our programs.

The majority of our tuition support comes in the form of need-based partial scholarships to make programs more accessible. We are committed to offering our limited full scholarships to community members who would otherwise be unable to attend a program at all.

If you would like to apply for a partial or full scholarship, please read this page in full and contact us at In your email,  include the program in which you are interested and responses to these questions:

  • Please provide context into your current circumstance that leads you to request scholarship assistance.

  • What is your estimated personal contribution towards the program tuition?

  • Why would you be a strong candidate for scholarship funding?

We encourage everyone to apply for scholarships if they feel that they would not be able to access programs otherwise. We are always working towards removing financial, physical, language and time barriers through our scholarship program, having diverse international program locations, and offering online education in a growing number of languages.

As you consider the program and whether to request a scholarship or not, please take into consideration:

Have you had some/many opportunities for advancing your learning already? If you are requesting a scholarship because you have already invested in a higher degree program or other programming, you may not be eligible as priority consideration will go to those who have not had the privilege of advanced programming yet in their lives.

Do you have resources or networks that you could tap for tuition support? If so, please reach out to source funds from your personal networks so we may utilize our funds for applicants who do not have such safety nets.

Have you reached out to your employer to request professional development reimbursement? If not, please do so before submitting a scholarship request. Here is a sample letter that you may adapt. We have had many of our participants successfully gain financial support from their employers, but only after they have asked!

Have you considered creative ways of sourcing funds? We’ve had former fellows do trades in the form of workshop hours at local institutions and businesses, run crowdfunding campaigns, and develop products or services to sell. Creativity is at the core of what we do, and we encourage all our participants to come up with alternative options for discovering resources.

We are looking forward to your application!

Program Partners

If you are in a position to contribute to providing support and access for the UnSchool to grow in this capacity, we are open to collaborations and would love to hear from you. In the past, this has taken place as fellow sponsorships from various organizations, program placement trades, and product exchanges. Contact us to discuss sponsorship or collaborations!