The UnSchool is all about positively disrupting the world in ways that make it work better for everyone, and one thing that desperately needs to be challenged is the way we engage, distribute, and share knowledge. So, we have developed a choose-your-own- adventure style circular learning model that is designed to help you spiral up into a leadership role as a creative change maker.



circular education model


Many people who have come to a program have asked for more. We know that so many of you have reached out to us to become facilitators in the UnSchool approach. Helping people make change and a positive impact on the planet is our goal. 

So, we have developed a system to help you achieve this, at the same time making sure we maintain our high level of pedagogical content while helping to rapidly advance leadership for systems change and regenerative design.

We call it the Circular Education Model. this model puts your needs at the forefront, integrating a level of autonomy over your own education and upskilling.

It draws from the best bits of traditional and non-traditional education, and seeks to motivate you through your own learning journey. It offers you the mentorship, knowledge transfer, and practical skill development that is crucial for anyone to become a master of their domain.

This model is designed for all types of people, and is intentionally gamified to help keep you motivated on your quest to become a creative change-maker who is positively disrupting the status quo for a more sustainable and regenerative future.

This is all about making change, challenging yourself, and producing valuable contributions to the world that has positive impact all while mastering your skills in systems, sustainability, and design.



One of the main features is a points-based modular system that you can navigate at your own pace, in whatever journey you feel works for you. We have designed it so that you can choose what types of engagements to work on toward the level of certification that you would like to achieve. The modules can be completed in no particular order and work towards any of the three tracks we have designed.  You can swap directions, venture out on some divergent side paths, and take a break when you need.


Mentorship and practical application of your new knowledge is a critical part of this system. We provide the scaffolding for success, and you bring the passion and energy to get you there! For all tracks, you will need to do a mentorship or apprenticeship program in some way. We are working with an incredible array of partners to help get you amazing learning experiences to build your practical capacity and offer educator apprenticeships on the CO Project Farm and co-hosting opportunities at our programs around the world. 



There are three tracks to choose from: become an UnSchool Certified Educator, get an UnMasters in Creative Changemaking, or complete the Practitioner Certification training. The track you decide to go down depends on how you would like to use this training.

You can level up from one to the next and build your capacity over time. Our gamified approach enables you to collect points that equate to learning skills and practical experience that you then challenge when you feel you are ready to obtain the certification level that you are working toward.

levelling up unschool

 All tracks are self-directed learning journeys. Some modules are independent of direct UnSchool involvement, and some require very hands-on engagement, such as our mentorships or apprenticeships on the CO  Project Farm or our intensive online trainings (check here for upcoming intensives!).

We have designed this system so that you can change tracks, take breaks or progress with speed. For example, you might start off wanting an UnMasters and then realize you really want to be an Educator, so you can adapt your learning journey to this. Online and face-to-face programs can be combined in a variety of ways unique to your interests and pre-existing skills in order to challenge the certification you desire.

All tracks require you to learn the Disruptive Design Method and learn about our pedagogical approach and philosophy of change. You can learn this either online or face-to-face, and in the future, when we have more certified educators, you will be able to take them around the world.  There is no exact order, so keep an eye out on the dates for when we offer them.

Once you sign up for a track online you get access to our beautiful progress tracker poster where you can map your learning journey.




Certification as an UnSchool Educator allows you to run programs and teach on behalf of the UnSchool.

Requires a high level of facilitation training and skills in transformative and experiential learning.

Must be able to clearly demonstrate a high level of capacity in our facilitation tools, applying critical pedagogical approaches, cognitive experience design, and deep knowledge on the core competency areas of systems, sustainability, and design.

Total 200 points with core competency in UnSchool pedagogy and core content, systems, sustainability, design, and DDM.




Complete the full UnMasters program of core content for the skills of a creative change-maker.

Requires the ability to work within organizations at a high level of change-making.

Must be able to demonstrate deep knowledge and capacity to think in complex systems, and to apply sustainability and creativity to any problems arena.

Practical experience of designing and implementing a creative change intervention with positive change outcomes.

Total 150  points with core competency in all aspects of creative change making.




Become a highly capable Practitioner in the Disruptive Design Method and creative change.

Must be able to demonstrate the ability to think in systems and to apply sustainability and creativity to solving complex problems through projects.

Practitioners demonstrate strong capacity and knowledge in the tools and techniques of disruptive change making and apply it to their own work.

Total 100 points with core competency in the application of the DDM.

use your systems thinking tools to map through your ideas and aspirations, find what's best for your next steps, and identify the knowledge gaps you need to fill.

You may find that you need to take additional classes outside of the UnSchool or perhaps go on A self-directed knowledge ADVENTURE. This is all about you getting to your next level of professional and personal success. We are here to helP - but it’s you who will level you up into your next role.


Programs are offered around the world for you to collect points with. Check the website for what's being offered next, and start planning!

Programs are offered around the world for you to collect points with. Check the website for what's being offered next, and start planning!

Everything that we offer at the UnSchool - our online classes, face-to-face workshops and mentorship programs - now have points associated with them. Try out our points collector to see where you are at, and what kinds of programs you can take to get to the level you want.

For each of our Circular Education tracks, there are certain number of required points to collect and base modules to complete to make sure you have the foundations laid down firmly, but you pick the pace and pathway to get there! 

Once you have collected all the points necessary, there will be a final challenge which we will use as the main opportunity to identify and verify your ability to demonstrate the key knowledge and skills needed for your certification level. It's important to us that we have robust and clear change outcomes,  so if you are not ready, we will work with you to help you get ready to take on the world. 



For each of the tracks, we have designed in certain required components. This is to make sure you're equipped with all the tools and knowledge that you need to be successful in whichever track you are interested in completing. Check the points page, the Journey Map (downloadable when you fill out the points collector) or this handy graphic below.

unschool required modules


Educator Certification needs to be updated each year, but the Practitioner and UnMasters tracks are certificates that you acquire one time and keep. To maintain Educator validation and be able to use the UnSchool name, you will need to do a 15-point top-up program per calendar year. It can be any of the modules, and we will be adding more all the time. This is to keep everything fresh and current, and also to be able to update you on all the new things we uncover and offer.




For all tracks, you will need to complete a mentorship program at some point during your learning journey, and those in the UnMasters can choose to do an apprenticeship for this module. This is designed to help you evolve your practice, advance you thinking and doing skills, and detailed offer support in testing your ideas out in the world. 

Your mentor will help you apply the knowledge you have learned through face-to-face and online programs and will support you in developing your reflective and creative change making practice.



Your mentor is assigned by the UnSchool once you sign up and fill in the preferences form. We have incredible experts that we draw on to help you get your initiative out into the world, so when you sign up we will offer you the person we feel is the best fit and you can review before accepting. You can always adopt to swap mentors if you feel it's not a great fit (but we are really good and giving you the right kind of challenger and supporters!).

All our certification levels require a 3-month mentorship to support your learning journey. You can take this at any time as you and your mentor work together to set the goals of your experience and support your rapid application of the knowledge you are acquiring. We have two types of mentoring: standard and advanced.



40 pts

With one of our hand-selected mentors, you get weekly one-on-one digital video call sessions. You start by establishing your goals, and your mentor provides weekly reflection and practical challenges for you, along with support and dedicated knowledge-building time. The cost is 150USD per month, with a minimum of three months (but you can extend it if you need to).

1 hour session per week for 3 months

Best suited for UnMasters or Practitioner tracks

Mentor provided based on your learning journey and area of focus 

Mentorship completion with gain you 40pts and is required for certification




Offered for people tracking to Educator certification with either UnSchool founder Leyla, or one of our senior mentors. These mentorships are advanced and designed to rapidly elevate your practice when your track is 50-75% completed, and include practical application elements. They are by application only to make sure it's the right fit at a fee of 950USD for three months. You'll engage in weekly 30 minute video calls and a weekly check-in via voice message or email to follow up on the allocated tasks and development of your projects and initiatives.

30 minutes per week for 3 months

Best suited to Educator track

Weekly office hours 

With Leyla or other senior mentor

Mentorship completion will gain you 40pts and is required for certification



As part of our commitment to advancing leadership for a sustainable, circular, and regenerative future, we offer on-farm apprenticeships in facilitation and UnSchool pedagogy. We also work with partner organizations to offer extended learning apprenticeships to support your knowledge and real-world experiences. Apprenticeships are offered to anyone registered for the UnMasters as an alternative to the mentorship program and will gain you 40pts.



These are a minimum of four weeks so that you can get acclimated, start learning by doing at our living learning lab the CO Project Farm in Portugal. Here you can build up to facilitating your own sessions and workshops with our variety of on-farm programs and experiences.

The benefit of this is that you get lots of hands-on experience in not our unique facilitation techniques, but get embedded in our entire approach to experiential design and facilitating cognitively rich learning journeys.

Farm apprenticeships happen all year round, are by application and are on a time exchange basis. If accepted, you don't have to pay any lodging or food expenses while you are doing your placement, but you do have to help with facilitating and all on-farm activities. You will be supported by the team and receive direct mentorship.



These are 1-3 months with partner organisations and are advertised as they become available. We offer these in-house apprenticeships to our alumni tracking to be validated as Practitioners or UnMasters. This program allows for alumni to get real world practical experience and to develop their connections and professional development.  

Apprenticeships providers are 3rd party organisations that offer some form of stipend to cover travel, food and accommodation, but the arrangement is between you and the organisation. We help to establish the connection and validate the learning outcomes. 

The goal with this program is for people who want to complete a practical placement to be directly mentored by an organisation that is working in creative change making and applying the core concepts of systems, sustainability and design in the real world. we are also open to you proposing a valid placement and having this account for your points for your tracking outcomes. 


How does this system work?

This is a self-directed modulated system of opportunities for you to track towards a personal outcome of being a certified UnSchool Educator, Practitioner or receive an UnMasters in Creative Change from us. This system works on several levels - that of Participation (in our programs, workshops, and your own), Action (creating positive change and impact in the world on measurable levels), and Reflection (looking to always improve and adapt as responsive agents of change in the world). We have included modules that touch on all these levels, including online and offline learning, mentorship opportunities for each of us to learn from each other at various levels of skill, and opportunities for leadership.

Who provides the certification validation?

We do, it's from us. We examined a lot of certification systems, and decided not to participate in any of the existing structures. We live in an era where it is possible to engage in learning in non-traditional ways, in project based, hands on, self directed ways. We are interested in real world impact and disrupting the current models that leave gaps in possibility and opportunity. We are ourselves experimenting with the structure of this Circular Education Model that we have developed, which relies on our community co-creating it with us. Collaboration is a critical part of our method, and disengages from traditional top down education, instead inviting the community to be a participant in the way it is shaped, adapting to needs as they present themselves. This certification is not just a way to validate our community to take our methods further, but also a project that we are conducting to transform the status quo of education. Your feedback is invaluable for this process, and would love to hear your thoughts as we work towards a positive future for us all.

We know that there are times you need a proof of participation for your existing structures. If you require a document for your work or academic institute, we are happy to provide a certificate of completion. Please check with your administration to make sure it will be accepted by them.

Do I have to register for a track?

Registration is required, and you can let us know that you are tracking towards a certain outcome, however you may change which track you are working towards at any time. The goal is that when you are ready, you will challenge the track you want to obtain validation in. If you have more points than necessary for that track, then that's a bonus. The most important thing is that we know what track you are working towards for to create opportunities for apprenticeships and mentorships. So it helps us to know what you are aiming for when you sign up.

MORE DETAILS (click to expand)

  • + How do I keep track of all my points and progress?
    • We have designed a helpful self-directed pathway to keep track of what you have completed, and what options you would like to follow to progress further. 
  • +Will Leyla be teaching the programs?
    • Sometimes yes, but mostly no. We have an incredible cohort of educators and mentors we work with, and curate content to build the capacity around the core knowledge areas. When Leyla is the lead facilitator on a program we will advertise that.
  • + What time duration do I have to complete the track in?
    • We think it's great if you can complete it within a year, but this is just a guide. Life happens, and if it takes you 3 years that’s also fine. Our goal is to support you in your learning journey and application of new knowledge in the world.
  • + How does your point system work?
    • You gain points by attending face-to-face programs, taking online classes, and successfully completing mentor programs. You self-track the points and design your learning and professional development series until you have enough points to challenge the level you want to be validated in. You can take your time and switch things around as you wish. 
  • + Why is apprenticeship required?
    • UnMasters Certification requires apprenticeship with one of our lead educators or partners so that they can check in on your progress and provide direct support to your learning development.
  • + If I have taken classes already do I get points? 
    • Yes! Every UnSchool workshop or online class has a points allocated to it, you can calculate what points you already have and what you would need by using the certification form
  • + What if there are no co-host opportunities in my country?
    • You can co-host at any program we offer around the world — you just need to apply. We also offer co-host and apprenticeship opportunities on the CO Project Farm in Portugal where you can do all your apprenticeship points in one block of time.  
  • + If it's all self-directed then what about community?
    • We work hard to build a strong and connected diverse community, strong bonds are formed during face to face programs and even our live online trainings have this outcome. We also have online groups we set up for different programs and offer the mentorship programs to keep you motivated and engaged. While the tracks are self-directed, they are still done in collaboration with the UnSchool and your own communities where you work and live. Our goal is to expand capacity for change as widely as possible, beyond only our alumni, and part of that is you incorporating your own community into your projects and activations.
  • + How much does it cost?
    • Each track will be different for each person, depending on the choices that you make for your own learning journey. We have the costs listed for our programs when we offer them, and courses at the UnSchools Online are also listed. For the new programs that are launching, keep an eye out for announcements which will include tuition amounts. As this is not a linear process, it's not possible to give everyone a set cost, but you will be able to estimate based on your planned journey. Send us an email if you need further help to estimate what it will be, as some of the offerings are not posted online yet.
  • + How long will it take?
    • It really depends on you and your style of learning. some programs have specific hours and others you take at your own pace. As a general rule, Educator status should take around 24 months, UnMasters 18 Months and practitioner level 12 months. But if you have a large body of established work and have already attended programs then this could be reduced. It really depends on you!