In 2018, the UnSchool has established a not-for-profit association structure to further advance the mission of the UnSchool and support the growing global community of creative change-makers in their systems and sustainability change work. The UnSchool Association is a registered NFP In Portugal where our CO Project Campus is being established. 

The structure involves a Board and a General Assembly (GA). The GA is made up of 7 alumni & community members who are tasked with assisting in the development and advancement of the UnSchool, and helping to provide the resources and infrastructure needed to support our growing community. Each year a new GA will be selected. 



The mission of the UnSchool Association is to develop services and infrastructure for the further advancement of community support, peer mentoring and professional development of Alumni and extended UnSchool community members.

The UnSchool has as its objective the promotion and development of education, research, and consultancy for the improvement of the social and environmental sustainability for the circular economy and sustainable design on a global scale.

The Association is developing narratives of change and stories that have emerged from the UnSchool over the last 3 years. and researching the type of services and tools we could develop to further support our community’s professional making careers.


  • Educational services, development of informational curricula
  • Research, develop methodologies, curricula and tools to promote the circular economy and environmental sustainability
  • Further develop and provide equitable access to online educational programs, short and long-term courses, master classes on sustainable creative change-making
  • Inform and advise citizens, companies and other entities on issues concerning sustainability
  • Creation of programs for consulting companies in the field of the circular economy
  • Creation of programs and events that serve our goal of advancing the professional capacity of a community of creative change-makers
  • Capacity building the next level of alumni community
  • Further support the connections of our Alumni to advance collaborations and leadership development
  • Developing the CityLabs program
  • Infrastructure and design of Educators Training and community run UnSchool programs
  • Building the structure and mechanisms of peer mentoring to support post-program and continued development
  • Equitable access across physical, socio-economic, language, internet access, etc.
  • Riase funds to exmapnd our educational services 


One of the core objectives of the UnSchool Association is to raise ad redistribute funds for the development of more educational resources and initiatives that serve our missions alongside supporting the expansion of our equitable access program to enable a diversity of people to attend our programs. To date we have given away over $120K worth of scholarships and have never been funded. The NFP structure allows us to received philanthropic funding, sponsorship and general funding to further develop the global reach of our work. 


The UnSchool’s CO Project is a unique rural regeneration brain spa retreat project in the lake side mountain town of Serra, Tomar (1.5 hours from Lisbon). The property has 150 olive and fruit trees, animals, 3 farm houses and an old olive Mill that will being converted into a 8 room boutique ‘brain spa’ accommodation concept to host events and cultural programs as well as serve as the home for the experimental knowledge lab, The UnSchool offering likeminded social enterprises an off site sustainably designed retreat facility. We will eventually also create curated cultural programs around systems change, sustainable and regenerative design.


The project started in June 2017 and so far has had the 100 year old farmhouse restored into a 4 bedroom guesthouse, a small cottage for the director, and an outdoor eating area is being established for summer programs. The farm is being regenerated and new garden produce being planted. The best way to understand the project is to go to the COProject.co website.

We will be in Phase 1 development until the end of 2018, a rustic stage where we will run small intimate programs and experiences as part of our slow growth.


CO Project Farm is a living laboratory for exploring positive change through creative interventions. Exploring natural systems design and creating a space for global change-makers to connect, regenerate and collaborate on enacting positive impact through creative interventions. The end goal is a constantly emerging living laboratory that hosts creative change-makers from around the world with curated programming to complement a multitude of collaborative uses.