Verbal Fight Club

Verbal Fight Club
Verbal Fight Club Rules

In a world of Facebook self-censorship, 140 character twitter constraints and obnoxious political soundbites, are we losing the ability to battle verbally? Verbal Fight Club is a space where we can test our own level of endurance and conviction on current issues of great (or little) importance. Its fun, often hilarious and intensely passionate. 

Here’s how it works

Everyone completes a battle card with a question, topic or statement. The card goes into a barrel. The adjudicator draws a card to be battled and two people take the stage to verbally fight it out. There are rules (the first rule of verbal fight club is you should always talk about verbal fight club, the second rule of verbal fight club is you should ALWAYS talk about verbal fight club) and there are respectful and engaging interjections that the audience is empowered to use throughout.

examples of Crowd-Sourced Battle Topics:

  • Fish as pets?

  • Spiderman 2 is the worst movie ever 

  • Judicial activism

  • To go espresso cups

  • Feeling your feelings

  • Is gentrification good, bed, neither?

  • Ice coffee

  • Women should run everything

  • Gluten free?

  • Should we castrate pet animals?

  • How do we stop inequality?

  • Smiling in pictures

  • Women are more hormonally charged than men

  • To go into the wardrobe or walk past it

  • What is contemporary art?

  • People need more alone time than most give themselves

  • Vegan

  • Should we just give up on Manhattan

  • Trust in Statistics

  • Sour fancy coffee

  • Are fossil fuels a good thing?

  • Is terrorism a major threat to America?

  • Cats vs Dogs

  • Guns should be banned for use by the public

  • The toilet paper roll should always be rolled up

  • Fans should abandon the NFL

  • 19th Century novels failed relationships

  • Should you donate to local charities or ones in the developing world?

  • Time is wasted on the young

  • Discussing your bowl movements should be as appropriate of a discussion topic as talking about your kids or pets

  • Should we legalize all drugs?

  • The movie ‘Inception’ is totally overrated!

  • Hocking up with an adopted cousin – uncouth?

  • Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates – who is/was/will be more influential

  • Cupcakes

  • In Pakistan they stone women for adultery. Should we try and stop that?

  • PHISH is the worst…

  •  Drones: what are they good for?

  • Everyone should explore a same sex ‘interaction’

  • Design is king

  • The suburbs are killing America

  • Using the internet and smart phones means giving up privacy

  • Girls love secretly getting their ass pinched

  • There are way better places to live than New York

  • Horror movies, why watch them?

  • Vegans should have their own suburb… away from everyone else

  • I don’t want to go to Australia because it’s too far away and there are sharks everywhere.