The UnSchool of Disruptive Design is committed to being a positive social force, activating self-selecting change agents around the world to address complex social and environmental problems creatively. We are all about positively disrupting the status quo for outcomes that generate new and creative solutions to age-old problems. Currently, we are experimenting with different revenue and business models to advance social entrepreneurship. 

Integrity is the essence of everything successful.
— Buckminster Fuller

We are strongly committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our general operating guidelines include not using disposable items, opting for low carbon travel options when available, serving vegetarian food, actively seeking and creating new and unique ways to produce content in sustainable ways. 

While each program we run varies in cost, we aim to make them as affordable and equitable as possible, whilst still being able to build the capacity and reach of the school with integrity. As a social enterprise, we work hard to grow opportunities for access and participation while advancing our core agenda of creating innovative models for knowledge transfer and social activation.