Charlene Leong

Charlene is fascinated with how the world is becoming progressively more integrated with technology. She is seeking ways to diversify and upgrade her breadth of technology related skills and knowledge in order help find effective efficient solutions to the big complex problems we have today. Her goal is to find ways for technology to improve education, nature and processes in everyday lives. Currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Computer Systems Engineering [Mechatronics], Charlene is vibrant, curious and loves learning about people and how to make their lives better! 

Esther Whitehead

Esther Whitehead is a dedicated change-maker, through both policy and community engagement. Esther lives and works in Queenstown, and works passionately in the fields of special education reform and environmental sustainability at both a local and national level. Esther provides workplace consultancy in the area of diversity of learning, and with a fellow trustee designed 4D schools, promoting: Get it Right for Dyslexics – Get it Right for All. Esther is the co-founder of The Anti-Plastic Population, a local group which backs sustainable businesses and acts as a change-agent through encouraging and developing community cohesion. A keen writer, Esther produces content on special education for Ministry of Education and the Dyslexia Foundation, as well as publishing monthly articles on environmental sustainability in The Source Magazine, and regular articles for Te Awa Green Party magazine. Esther holds an undergraduate degree in Ecology from the UK, and a post graduate degree in Special Education from Massey University, NZ. Esther is currently employed as the Managing Trustee of The Dyslexia Foundation of NZ, an NGO advocating for educational reform in NZ schools and workplaces.

Gina Louisa Rembe

Born and raised in Berlin, Gina moved to Amsterdam to study fashion production. Disillusioned by the lack of ethics and sustainability, she moved into the branding course (arguably not much better). During five years in London, she honed her skills commercial consulting whilst volunteering for The Do Lectures (storytelling events in the woods) and Good For Nothing (social enterprise hackathons). On her return to New Zealand she joined the Enspiral network, a group of social entrepreneurs prototyping distributed ways of working, organising and decision-making. She's been part of the team leading the youth wellbeing Lifehack for the past three years.

Jasmine Wong

Jasmine wants to live in a world where everyone lives sustainably, isn't afraid of but embraces change and diversity, and where there's unlimited coffee and puppy cuddles. She's currently in the corporate world trying to convince her clients that doing business sustainably is a win-win-win for people, profit and our planet. Ultimately, she would love to run her own social enterprise.

Jessica Bradish

Jessy lives in Oakland California and is a self-proclaimed eco-comic and sustainability nerd with a love for renewables. Her background includes multimedia communication, project management, sales and training. She earned an Environmental Policy degree because she believes climate change is no joke and went on to complete an MBA to be a #nastywoman in the old boy's network. Right now she is developing her game Climate Oasis and working on her consulting & comedy. 

Kareena Harris

Kareena is originally from Christchurch, NZ, and moved to Wellington when she was 12. She studied Graphic Design before stumbling into the world of entrepreneurship with her company The Misprint Co. She loves working to turn waste paper from businesses and schools into good-looking notebooks and saving carbon emissions and water! Kareena is really enthusiastic about social enterprise and doing business while doing good.

Karthiga Kanesha

KK sees herself as a futurist and a doer. She is passionate about building better futures, creating and up-lifting potentials to enhance wellbeing and curiosity in communities. She comes from a health sciences background with a master's in public health. KK believes that change comes from within and that by providing people with the tools and choices necessary, people and communities can be empowered to activate change for the good.

Laura Taylor

Laura is proud to call Christchurch her home and to be part of its renaissance. Big ideas and creativity have always been part of her life. She is a practical idealist - an improve-aholic, fascinated with complex systems and finding ways to make things better for people, cities and the environment. Growing up in the country under big skies with giant planes heading to “The Ice” has given Laura a deep sense of guardianship for the Great South, and led her to graduate in soil ecology and Antarctic studies. Her passion is in learning how people participate in the public realm --- the “shared living room” --- of the city and take responsibility for it. As a placemaking advisor, parent and global citizen, Laura thinks it’s really important to reflect on our legacy and how to create lasting change that keeps rippling good outcomes? 

Louise Krstic

Louise is a landscape architect from Melbourne Australia, with a background in the design of large scale infrastructural projects and interdisciplinary collaboration. Louise's love for traveling and outdoor adventure has fueled her passion to create sustainable cities, challenge societal apathy and affect positive social change. She has a Masters degree from The University of Melbourne in Landscape Architecture where her thesis explored the sociopolitical context of Melbourne's waste crisis. She designed a strategy to decrease waste generation and harnessed NIMBY opposition to a new landfill to challenge apathy and create positive social and environmental change. Fascinated by the city and it is systems, Louise sees the urban environment, its people and their behaviours as crucial in tackling climate change. She believes that design has a responsibility to challenge conventional thinking and provide alternative visions to the world’s wicked problems. Louise is currently researching the connection between disruptive digital technology and the built environment. She aims to harness problem centric, agile and innovative approaches employed by startups to create human centred design solutions that can create positive environmental and social change in cities around the world. 

Lucie Drummond

Lucie, from New Zealand, has a background in corporate sustainability and law. She has an LLB (Hons) and a BSc, specializing in environmental science, both from the University of Auckland.  In her current work on sustainability within business, Lucie is bringing together her experience from a broad range of energy and environmental legal matters with her recent experience in strategy and transformation. She is interested in the application of design thinking both in and to businesses, to effect change.

Lucy Roberts

Lucy completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art and worked in the arts for 15 years in Australia, UK and Germany. After successfully implementing a cultural change at an artist collective in Melbourne, she moved into corporate change management and completed post graduate studies in Organizational Change to increase her understanding of how to analyze and manage change. She currently works in business transformation strategy in the utilities sector. Lucy’s career/ life goal is to be involved in influencing cultural and social policy to build a more sustainable society in Australia. She loves the challenges of planning for change and increasing people’s ability to change. 

Nidhi Singh Rathore

Nidhi is a designer by day, and data visualization enthusiast by night. She likes to bridge information gaps, through digital and print media, and also likes to explore the boundaries of interdisciplinary design and learning from others. Nidhi was born and raised in Allahabad, and spent her childhood traveling all over northern India. She studied at the National Institute of Design for Undergraduate Studies, specializing in Graphic Design and exploring other branches of visual communications. Her passion lies in information design and data visualization, especially visuals that talk about everyday life. Currently Nidhi works at a startup that applies technology to logistics, an industry that stretches the country's inefficiencies in its present form. She is also working on her own venture, a web and print platform for users to talk about their surroundings, social issues, and experiences. When she finds some spare time, Nidhi enjoys reading, illustrating, taking online classes, and running.

Paul Dickson

Paul is the Founder and Chief Go Getter of a charity called OKE Charity, an organization that aims to “grow mighty kids” by achieving an initial goal to get every primary and intermediate school in Papatoetoe to grow their own fruit & veggies by 2018, learning essential life and social skills in the process. With a background in project management, and business efficiency and effectiveness, Paul began his career in the automotive and power generation industries and he has worked in a number of countries around the world for large multi-nationals. While working in the power industry in New Zealand, Paul became increasingly frustrated with the lack of positive relationship building and the “do as I say and don’t ask questions” attitude within his professional community. He decided to make a professional change to use his flair for the unconventional and organizing to make things happen and created OKE Charity and its main fundraiser, the Head2Head Walk. OKE Charity has six Papatoetoe primary school gardens yet to establish in order to reach its 2018 goal, and Paul is committed to deliver.

Philippa Pell Goodwin

Philippa is a 26 year old from Dunedin, NZ, but spent the first half of her life in Zimbabwe. She has studied both Nursing and Visual Arts, and has a wide variety of interests including sewing, writing, dance, cooking, illustration and design. Philly’s passions tend toward social change, justice, community health, and increased education and opportunities. What excites her is seeing ideas come into fruition, and seeing people's gifts emerge with growth and encouragement. She wants to work with people, creativity and change. 

Rochelle Surendran

Rochelle is passionate about growing resilient communities in Aotearoa which showcase innovative solutions to the big problems facing our globe. Co-founder of Love Local (www.lovelocal.org.nz), a charitable business with a focus on making affordable, locally grown produce available to Invercargill families, Rochelle wants to see growth in social enterprise, where businesses are designed to benefit communities rather than to simply make a profit. In her work as a facilitator of family violence prevention programs, Rochelle uses her skills to motivate people to make positive change in their lives and relationships.

Ryan Niese

Ryan Niese is a 24 year old from a suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an energetic and active soul who has always preferred sports over studies. However, entering high school in the wake of the Inconvenient Truth made it difficult for him to avoid a passion for change. He focused his energy toward engineering for a better future which led him to receive a B.S. in Ecological Engineering from Oregon State University. Along the way he has developed passions for Christ, rock climbing, and playing. Ryan focuses on fully appreciating the built and natural worlds. His life/career goal is to apply integrated solutions at the heart of communities where they'll create lasting change

Samantha Mackay

As an artist, adventurer, change facilitator, and life coach, Samantha believes that creativity is the key to unlocking our humanity and that as life become more automated, humans become more disconnected from themselves and the world around them. Samantha stepped away from a legal career to help people reconnect to their inner spark. She designs creative learning challenges - whether in the bush, the office, around the kitchen table or a super comfy chair - that enable people to reconnect with themselves and their world. Observing that business leaders also struggle with this disconnection, her consultancy, More Human, helps leaders step into the shoes of the people in their ecosystem, to design and build organizations driven by human-centric values.

Stephen Hay

Stephen has been self-employed since the late-80s, moving around the world with his work and seeking out opportunities to make a sustainable difference within large organizations. His world-changing passion is to rebuild organizations from the bottom-up blending classical (non-violent) social anarchism with the best research on hierarchical structures. He seeks to ensure organizational change is safe and does no harm: to the people involved, to the environment, to the organization itself. He met his French wife in Angola while they were both working for the Red Cross and they’ve been in NZ since 2004.

Stephen Nicholls

Born and raised in New Zealand, Stephen studied Visual Communication Design in Wellington before completing a six month internship at Amnesty International in Auckland. Currently he is expanding his skill set in the market research and customer engagement field. His aim is to be a cross-disciplinary professional with skills in design, research and sustainability and to bring those skills into the fight for human rights in NZ and around the world.

Sukanya Mishra

Meera is currently rethinking and redoing everything that she didn't get to decide as a child or do when she was younger, including deciding to contribute towards creating a sustainable planet. She is a sustainable development and living enthusiast who enjoys reading, writing, art and speaking. 


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