unschool São Paulo 2016 fellows

On Sunday, June 19th, we will kick off our São Paulo fellowship program with these 16 emerging leaders, creative rebels and change agents, joining us from 8 countries!  

Meet the fellows!


Curious, creative, explorer, artist, designer, illustrator. those are the main things that define me, but not necessarily in that order or with those labels. I am working on different projects that involve my multidisciplinary layers. since 2013 i lead a studio called kaju.ink, which is mainly focused on personal branding - which I call identiting. my artsy side takes me to creating patterns, painting walls and canvas'. the studio and the artistic projects often cross paths and projects with other creative minds. I have a blog, called comTijolo, which goes around subjects such as performance, entrepreneurship, sustainability, reuse of materials, design, and a balance between mind and body, talking about holistic habits. I  am also engaged in some horizontal projects, movements and companies, always using my organizational and creative skills to tell visual stories Website



Is a product designer who is chronically unsatisfied with how systems and things work. She is very optimistic as to how design can improve processes in our society in a way to create better experiences and a higher life quality. Valentina is currently working with packaging design. @valenferrari 



Born in Brazil, but grew up in Switzerland, and had a global education. Ever heard of third-culture kids? Well, I’m one of them. Now I curate beautiful images and brands for a living. Always value great aesthetics, and am very lucky to be able to create some interesting stuff in the process. At my core I'm a curious and creative person, very energetic and extremely organized, who believes that understanding our culture can offer socio-economic alternatives within it. Website


Matheus Pinheiro de Oliveira e Silva

Graduated in Bachelor of Tourism but followed his heart on social entrepreneur. Co-founder of the social project called Meraki Group which aims to empower and develop leadership, communication and empathy on GenY. Founder and writer of inRoutes travel blog, a project which gained life after his 1-year learning experience in senior high school in Indonesia by Rotary International and 3 months volunteering in India. He is an agent of change of World Merit and Head of Communications in World Merti Brazil. Co-organized the first Startup Weekend Change Maker in a poor neighborhood in Guarulhos. Passionate by social impact he studied and holds certifications in social entrepreneurship, design thinking, business model, theory U, human-centered design, social innovation, leadership, interpersonal intelligence and effective communication by Stanford University, MIT, Acumen, UCLA, Artemisia, Mastermind and Clinton Center for Teaching and Learning. Linkedin | Project@ma_tai



I have trained extensively in the tools of authentic engagement and the use of graphic language to illuminate and apply them in my work as a social/ environmental consultant and graphic facilitator.  I work in both the international community development and public engagement/social innovation sectors; social and environmental sustainability is the unifying theme. I’ve lived in Guyana, Chile, and Ecuador working in project design, execution and evaluation to support community-led health, language, and environmental sustainability awareness and education. In Canada, my experience as a community engagement strategist led to work across sectors to create a movement across Nova Scotia  towards a culture of self-reliance and collaboration. Right now I’m living in Brazil to pioneer a project in the Amazon rainforest to combine alternative methods for social change with community-led development to train sustainability leaders. You’re already a relative of mine if you’re part of the MSLS, Art of Hosting, Deep Democracy, ALiA institute, systems thinking, the natural step, and complexity science networks/communities. Likedin | Project


Natália Franzon Catarino

I am an enthusiast of the creative economy. My work transits between design, communication, management, art and entrepreneurship. I’m passionate about new ways for business models and education systems, and found in Design Thinking a route to make that change. I founded a creative lab in Londrina - Paraná - Brazil where I was born and raised. The Look Up - Creative Lab is a place to empower people with entrepreneurial mindset, creative tools and self-knowledge through immersions, workshops and courses based on collaboration and experience learning. I’m graduated in advertising and specialized in sales management, but found my real passion after an executive program in Hivelab, where Design Thinking really changed my way of thinking and the course of my career. Linkedin | Website


Thessa Bos

A non-native to South Africa, Thessa traveled, lived and worked in three different continents before arriving in Cape Town ten years ago. With degrees in journalism, international relations and business, an insatiable curiosity coupled with an innate affinity with connecting to people; Thessa embarked on a career in journalism, policy and project management. Driven by her passion for design and motivation to contribute to the local economy, Thessa co-founded KIN in January 2010 to change the world - beginning with the business of art, craft and design in South Africa.  In 2013, Thessa was offered the irresistible opportunity to coordinate the Dutch Embassy's World Design Capital 2014 program, and build relationships between Dutch and South African design and innovation. She is currently the Deputy Consul General at the Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town. Website


Aziz Camali

Since 2008 I play with design, strategy and love in my company, DZN here in Brazil. Since I realize and decided to be an unspecialist, I started a different and transdisciplinary way to learn, create and implement my career and self-evolution, trying to redefine business and education models, and people´s life perspective, starting with mine. Website