In just a few days #UNSCHOOLMELB kicks off in Melbourne, Australia! Our team has been busy putting the final touches on the incredible week-long adventure we'll be embarking on January 23rd through 29th. With all ready and set to go, it's time to present our amazing cohort of 16 creative rebels and change agents that will be joining us for our Melbourne Fellowship Program in sustainability, systems thinking, disruptive design and creative change making: 

Un-School Melbourne Fellows

Sara Rickards

A Biomedical Scientist and Environmental Engineer, Sara currently works as the Education for Sustainability Manager at Macquarie University and is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. Additionally, she recently completed a fellowship with the Centre of Sustainability Leadership and a few months ago did a TEDx talk on 'How to ninja-neer a sustainable future'. Sara's ultimate goal is to be a disruptive change agent - creating a world where people are no longer viewed in terms of income and accumulation of possessions, but by their restorative impact on the planet.

Sara says: "I'm excited to meet Melbourne's cohort of disruptive change agents - with the intention of figuring out how we can leverage each other, to have a restorative impact on the planet. I want to be challenged, motivated and inspired! I also want to make some friends along the way - the more ninjas in this ever growing sustainability army the better!" Website  TEDx Talk

Christopher Brew

Chris lives in Sydney, Australia. Currently, he is working in a collaborative, peer-based social justice initiative at UTS. He has an interest in systems thinking, collaboration, poetry and new models of teaching and learning. @stofbrewChristopher says: “I’m excited to be part of the Melbourne cohort, and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in an environment full of people working on change-making and systemic disruption.”

Fiona Clements

Fiona Clements is Senorita AweSUMO – Zerowaste textile design, Just Atelier Trust – Community Engagement for sustainable fashion. Conscious consumer advocate, Craftivist, Pakeha, Kai Tahu, Clan Gordon.

Fiona says: "I'm excited to start 2016 off with a BANG!, a chance to expand my thinking, find tools to help my community of Dunedin and New Zealand to grow a sustainable fashion industry and cultivate some disruption for good measure" Instagram  Twitter

Koel Wrigley

Koel is a recent graduate of Melbourne University with a Masters of Urban Planning. She has empowered youth in Australia, South Africa, and Vietnam to be environmental leaders and drive positive change in their communities as part of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Australian Ambassadors for Development, Fossil Free Melbourne University and many others community groups.

Fiona says: "I'm most excited about working with the incredible mentors, building great skills and networks to support my future work in community engagement for sustainability." Website   

Jay Boolkin

Jay is passionate about creating positive social change and believes in the power of social entrepreneurship to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. While living in Cambodia as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development, Jay founded Promise or Pay, a web-based platform that motivates people to make positive behavioural changes while creating a more engaging and empowering way to donate to charitable organisations. In 2015, Jay was selected as one of Australia’s top 50 young social entrepreneurs by the Foundation for Young Australians, received a Innovation Fellowship from the Myer Foundation, and was selected as the Young Entrepreneur Finalist in the Sydney SHINE Awards

Jay says "I am excited about joining the Fellowship and the opportunity to connect with, and learn from, other aspiring changemakers and experienced mentors"

Alexia Estrellado

Alexia is an all-sorts. She is interested in all sorts of things, people and places. She focuses her creative practice on building engaging programs that experiments with interdisciplinary collaboration and community cultural development. She is currently the Community Connector for the Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Initiative where she works with a great team to develop learning experiences that celebrates 60,000 years or more of Indigenous innovation with new and emerging technologies. 

Craig Scott

Craig is the Head of Design at Otago Museum in Dunedin, New Zealand.

What's Jay excited about? "From meeting awesome people, to sharing, debating and deconstructing ideas, I’m excited to embrace this experience. I can’t wait to be able to implement what I learn in a professional and personal sense after the fellowship." Instagram  Linkedin  Website  

Mim Kempson Anda

Originally from Perth, Mim moved to Melbourne to study a degree in photography, but in 2014 she moved to Montreal where she studied journalism and wrote for the university student newspaper. She returned to Melbourne in July last year to complete and graduate from RMIT's Bachelor of Professional Communications, and is about to embark on an internship at Vogue Australia after the Un-School Fellowship.  

Mim says: "What better way than to learn about sustainability and social change than through the people who live and breathe it? It'll be such an extraordinary experience being mentored by those who are helping to shape the world in wonderful ways. I am also looking forward to exercising my brain in ways that tertiary education hasn't challenged me with"

Abby Rees

Abby is PunkPDs Principal Consultant, a self-confessed ‘education junkie’, University Lecturer, Education and Empowerment Writer, Behaviour and Change Specialist and artistic thinker. Abby is also a Performance Architect for a wonderful company called Yellow Edge. In this role she leads individuals, teams and organisations through developing their own outstanding levels of dynamic leadership. As a senior facilitator, executive Meta-Coach and dedicated education junkie, she draws on a range of cutting-edge techniques and skills to build capacity, bust through past organisational 'blockers' and create new possibilities for those ready for the journey to greatness.

Abby says: "I thrive on new challenges to design for education and change and the concepts behind disruptive leadership are incredibly appealing to me.  I am really excited to be meeting individuals from a range of backgrounds with a range of skills and experiences to share and having some fun along the way!"

Erik Sumarkho

Erik is passionate about creating positive ecological change within small communities. Originally from Venezuela, Erik moved to Australia to do a Bachelors in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. After university he has been working on a life cycle analysis comparing board short textile in the surfing industry.

For Erik: ”I am ready to absorb it all. To meet inspiring like-minded fellows. To flow through a crazy wave of knowledge. And, to come out feeling recharged and inspired.”

Jessie Borrelle

Jessie Borrelle makes good fun at Creative Cause which is exactly what it sounds like, an outfit dedicated to embracing the lateral, the creative and the unconventional when considering solutions to environmental, social and political challenges. Jessie is exactly what she sounds like, a woman dedicated to fending off pessimism with overuse of the word creative. Website

Isabella Burt-Morris

Isabella is a designer currently working as a customer experience consultant in Sydney, Australia. After completing a Masters of Design in 2014, her curiosity for people and a desire to use her skills for social good encouraged her to shift her focus from digital to user experience design. In this role, she embraces design thinking to solve complex problems and to deliver great customer experiences. 

"I am looking forward to opening my mind to new people, skills and ideas to challenge my role as a designer and human being in 2016" 

Charlotte Rose Mellis

After attending The University of Melbourne as a Science student, Charlotte has continued her tertiary journey in pursuit of becoming an Environmental Psychologist. As a qualified scuba diver and yoga instructor, Charlotte is driven to incorporate nature within societies to inspire health and wellbeing. Her current projects include involvement in an Australia-wide aged care initiative, working within a team to design and build holistic, preventative health based strategies for retirement living, along with a personal project with her partner; a sustainable, online start-up due to launch in February.

"I am excited to delve into inspiring content, with passionate fellows across the week of adventures at Un-School Melbourne. Observing from a psychological schema, my predominant passion is to evoke a paradigm shift within societies towards our planet, through the use of intrinsic motivation and bad-ass environmental strategies."