un-school of disruptive design melbourne fellowship

January 2016, we are heading to beautiful Melbourne, Australia for a brain-activating immersive fellowship program like no other! We are taking the Un-School of Disruptive Design's unique 7-days of inspiring, adventurous, and empowering thinking, learning and DOING fellowship program down unde




The Un-School is changing the world by empowering creative rebels with revolutionary and ever-evolving curriculum alongside fantastic and specifically curated mentors who are leaders in their fields. We take 16 people on an immersive and intensive experience through social innovation, disruptive design, cognitive sciences, systems exploration and a get-cool-shit-done methodology.

APPLY NOW and join the growing cohort of Un-School alumni, become a leader in the disruptive design community, so that you can carry the learning forward, develop your own ways of disrupting the status quo, and inspire others to do the same.

What is the Un-School Fellowship Program?

Our fellowship programs are designed to empower emerging leaders to expand their mental toolsets, develop strong connections with likeminded people from around the globe, and activate their leadership skills. This opportunity is perfect for the misfits and mavericks of positive change, the curious and for those who are perhaps a little ‘stuck’ in their current positions. We invite people from a wide variety of professional, educational, and experiential backgrounds, and provide an immersive and highly engaging environment for activating change! Get un-done with us in Melbourne!

BONUS: We're kicking things off on Australia Day long weekend, and will be incorporating some incredible site specific and indigenous Australian elements into our schedule to ensure that we all remain connected to the place and space we physically occupy while all the dreaming and scheming is going on in our heads. Expect lots of local color, foraged foods, musical interludes, river adventures, and absolutely no flags, anthems, or political agendas…