Bring a bit of home to share. The UnSchool has a tradition of asking all fellows and team members to bring something that comes from their home country/city, to show and share with the group. We’re keeping with this tradition in San Francisco so please come prepared! The special something that you bring could be a food, beverage, condiment, or an object that either represents the place you are from, or something that shares a little bit of your life with us. We share these on Monday morning, so bring them then!

Prepare for Introductions. Another tradition is our short Pecha Kucha style Introductory Presentations. Each of us will do a three-minute introductory presentation on our first day together so we get to know each other (yes, UnSchool team members will do them too!), so please prepare a presentation according to the following Pecha Kucha guidelines: You will have three minutes in total and your 9 slides should be set to progress automatically after 20 seconds each. Use the Pecha Kucha as an opportunity to tell us about: who you are, your career so far, things you are interested in, projects you have done, what you are working on currently, the weird and wonderful things that make you you, what you want to get out of the week, etc. Be creative! Here's a template you can use. Attach or include the link to your presentation here before April 21st. 

Complete the Fellowship Foundation Courses online. It is critical that you come to the program prepared in order to have the same base knowledge from which to build starting Day 1. It’s no fun feeling out of the loop and it’s a bummer when some need extra explanations because of lack of preparation. So get online, enjoy the classes and do the actions! See below for code and link to the foundation courses. 

Please make your Tuition Payments on time. And make sure your balance is paid by April 17th unless alternate arrangements have been made. 

Things that should be completed by now

Please fill in the Preferences Survey by April 1. This helps us to tailor the fellowship to your needs and preferences, so is pretty important!

Upload your headshot photo & BIO by April 1 in the preferences survey as we use this to make a lovely 'meet the fellows’ blog post for the world to see. (If we don't get a pic from you we just steal them off the internet, so you know, you better send us the one you like!)

Launch your crowdfunding campaign! Find the best platform for you and your location. Define your rewards/offerings. Tell your story. Share like crazy! Here are some examples of successful campaigns. We hope they inspire you!

Request to join the special SanFran Facebook Group. Then post in the Facebook Group to introduce yourself. Tell your fellow fellows and our team about you, what you’re interested in and passionate about, and what you have been up to. This FB group helps with quick communications, so if you are not on FB, please let us know or consider joining.   

Please make your Tuition Payments on time. You will receive a link to pay your tuition according to the arrangement in your agreement letter. It is your responsibility to hang on to the link and make the payments on time. Set up a calendar reminder or alert so you remember. Please please please don't make us chase you down. It's no fun and takes up a lot of time that we need to plan and create. Installments are due March 20, April 3 and April 17, unless alternate arrangements have been made. 

Prime your brain! Start the learning journey now by taking the foundational classes online in preparation for the week together. You will need to have taken the Systems Thinking, Sustainability and Make Change classes before we meet as these are foundations on which we will build. 

  1. Sign up for this class bundle for free by using the code SF-FELLOW at checkout.