"Working with Leyla Acaroglu in the Disruptive Design Masterclass got me to walk away from my own "expertise.” It helped me to see how the craziest, most impossible ideas can often offer better solutions to intractable problems. It was a great experience." - Lynda Decker, Designer NYC Masterclass Participant


“The Un-School of Disruptive Design creates an environment that attracts like-minded individuals interested in social impact. It was a great week to learn from leading design practitioners and organisations working in sustainability.” - Melbourne fellow


“The fellowship really opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and a broad range of perspectives. These types of experiences are priceless and have such long lasting effects so this in itself, makes the fellowship valuable to anyone who is prepared to open their mind”. - Melbourne fellow


"It was such an incredible experience that was so thoughtfully planned and carried out with precisionist touch. My expectations were blown away. And what a perfect mix of people!" - Brittany, Secret Dinner Party Guest 


We are all here for the same reason: to try and make the world a little better. I think that anyone who is interested in that can find a source of inspiration in the fellowship.” - Mexico City fellow


“The Un-School Fellowship made a remarkable impact on my view of the world and my role in it. I now cannot help but see challenges through the systems thinking lense. The experience was both enlightening and invigorating” - Sally Hall, NYC


“Since my Mexico City fellowship experience, The Un-School initiative and founder inspired me to make a positive change through design. During this fellowship, I became aware of how my expertise in Design Thinking and UX design can tackle social problems.” - Arturo Ortega, Mexico City


“The Un-School fellowship in NYC was an incredible experience. I met so many inspiring people, from the mentors, to the Un-School team, to the other fellows. I'm excited to take everything I learned and get out there and create change!" – Jenn Court, Canada


“As someone operating in the nonprofit sphere, it was refreshing to branch out and learn a new way of thinking.  I’m going to take this new learning to become an agent of cultural change in my circles.” - Michael Paone, NYC


"The masterclass was wonderful. Leyla is a brilliant thinker and teacher who really inspired me to challenge my preconceived notions about design and social change. The class provided me with a set of useful tools I can utilize to affect change in my workplace and profession and also led me to be more observant of how design affects our every day lives. I have also become more cognizant about how much impact simple actions have on the entire system. I highly recommend the course." - Meghan Bagriel, Legal Practitioner, Masterclass Participant  


"Stimulating, engaging, confrontational and eye opening - Leyla's presentation was fantastic. I can't wait to learn more!" - Nathan Littlewood, NYC


“I have come away from the fellowship with masses of inspiration and some smart tools for leveraging sustainable systemic change in my current and future projects." - Bec McMaster, New Zealand


“The Un-School fellowship is not only a program to put methods and ideas into your brain, but also a unique program that makes you believe in the power of disruptive design and sustainability by your heart, and especially in yourself to make change. There were so many scattered ideas in my mind until the week of fellowship program. It’s been only three weeks since I came back to my country and have already started prototyping my solo idea, which came to during one of the mentor workshops. No matter what your interest area is, you can find something for yourself in these mentor sessions which were perfectly organized by Leyla and her team". - Nihan Ozturk, Istanbul


“At the Un-School fellowship I learned to understand what I need to accomplish in my work in finding an alternative to the education system I want to create. Things I will always remember from my experience at the fellowship are: toolkit, mentors, traders, partners, process, products, games, systems and experiences" - Marcela Zetina Manrique, Mexico City