join us in São Paulo, Brazil, June 19-25, 2016!

A huge, effervescent and multicultural city, the cultural and economic center of Brazil, São Paulo is where things happen... including this thing called the UnSchool of Disruptive Design’s Fellowship! June 19-25, 2016, our 7-day fellowship program for emerging leaders will pop up in São Paulo! Join us for an intensive brain-bending week of creative activations for social and sustainable change. Dive deep into the disruptive design methodology and connect with a cohort of like minded creative rebels and change agents. Download the info pack >

UnSchoolSP fellows 2016



Leyla Acaroglu un-school founder and mentor

Leyla Acaroglu - UnSchool Founder, SUSTAINABILITY PROVOCATEUR 

Leyla Acaroglu (PhD) is a designer, social change agent and sustainability provocateur who is internationally recognized as a leading expert in the field of disruptive design, sustainability and education. Her 2014 TED Talk has had over a million views, she is an author, award winning designer, and the founder of the Un-School of Disruptive Design! She is into disrupting the way we share and gain knowledge, food systems and the status quo. She founded Eco Innovators with which she won a host of awards for her projects (ie: The Design Play Cards, The Secret Life of Things, The Game Changer Game and the handbook Make Change) and is the director of Disrupt Design. Leyla has a PhD in disruptive design for social and environmental change and travels the world advocating for progressive soical and sustainabale change. 

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Luisa Santiago Un-School Mentor

Luisa Santiago - CE100 Brazil Program Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Luisa is working to implement and lead the Circular Economy 100 Brazil Programme for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, leveraging her expertise and network in the Brazilian market to expand the successful model of the first satellite location designed to unlock local opportunities for the circular economy in Brazil. Luisa consults in strategy and sustainability areas, working in collaboration with businesses, governments and the third-sector. She has worked on grass-root projects in the Amazon and in the Middle East on sustainability projects in mining. Luisa has conducted an extensive study into 'inclusive recycling' of waste (that is, waste recycling with economic participation of the informal waste-pickers) in 15 countries in Latin America, as well as a deep collaboration of over 1 year with the City of Rio de Janeiro in building its city resilience strategy. Luisa holds a Masters in sustainable development practices, having presented the first academic essay in circular economy in Brazil. 


DR. Stuart Candy - Experiential Futurist

Dr Stuart Candy is an experiential futurist on a mission to bring foresight to life, aiming to use immersive, participatory and guerrilla futures interventions to pattern a wiser and more vital culture of public imagination. His work has appeared at conferences and museums around the world, on the Discovery Channel, and in the pages of Wired magazine and The Economist. Often sought out for strategic input on unusual initiatives, he has worked with organisations including the United Nations Development Programme, the University of Oxford, the Sydney Opera House, UNESCO, IDEO, Arup, Interface, and the government of Singapore. He recently co-created the award-winning imagination game The Thing From The Future, and helped to design the 2016 Museum of the Future at the World Government Summit in Dubai. He is currently Director of the Situation Lab and a tenure-track professor in the world's first hybrid foresight/design program, at OCAD University in Toronto. Stuart is a two-time Graduate Degree Fellow of the East-West Center (Hawaii), and a Fellow of The Long Now Foundation (San Francisco), the INK Conference (India), and the Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro). Website


Kyle Wiens Un-School Mentor

Kyle Wiens - CEO + Co-Founder IFIXIT.COM

Kyle Wiens is the co-founder of iFixit, the repair community internationally renowned for open source repair manuals and product teardowns. iFixit empowers millions of people to repair their broken stuff every month. Kyle has testified on electronic exports before the International Trade Commission and is actively involved in developing global environmental standards.

Kyle regularly speaks on design for repair, service documentation, and sustainable electronics. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review, Wired, Popular Mechanics and the Wall Street Journal.

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Un-School Mentor Tom�s de Lara

Tomás de Lara - Co-leader Sistema B Brasil

Social entrepreneur and a conscious business netweaver, Tomás co-founded Goma a co-owning space and collaborative ecosystem of social entrepreneurs and two Hubs of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community. Business administrator with a master in digital communication, Tomás is a specialist on collaborative and sustainable economies, is a co-leader of B Corps movement in Brazil, member of the board of Coca-Cola Brazil’s foundation and a teacher at Brazil’s leading social innovation schools. Invited in 2013 to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss technologies for social innovation and crowdfunding, Tomás is based now in Rio de Janeiro focusing his work, studies and lectures on fostering the shift of old businesses paradigms that are based on competitive and EGOcentric culture to ECOcentric and collaborative economical life supporting systems.

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Garance Choko un-school mentor

Garance Choko - innovation strategist and PARTICIPATORY designer

Garance is a social entrepreneur, international system builder and innovation strategist. She is the founder of Coda, a global network of grassroots problem solvers exchanging how-tos across continents. Born and raised in Paris, France, she started her career as a concert pianist at the age of 3. Later, when she moved to the United States to continue her performance studies, she pursued her passion for political theory and design practices. She has designed organizational structures, national and local health care systems, educational programs, impact evaluations and poverty relief strategies for institutions, corporations and governments in Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. She earned a Master of Public Administration from Cornell University. Garance's philosophy is rooted in challenging the notion of institutionalized expertise and its deriving power structures. She has used participatory design principles in her work with the US Congress, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Clinton Global Initiative, Purpose, The Lowline, Community Solutions, and Nesta. As a speaker and educator, she has taught her unique participatory design framework at the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Parsons, Brown, and to high-level government officials. Twitter


1 full week intensive=7 packed days
Sunday June 19th - Saturday June 25th

Each fellowship week is jam-packed with activities, classes, events, workshops, special meals and tours. The full tuition cost is $2,500USD (we offer discounts and scholarships, check the application form for more details) and includes all activities, workshop materials, transport within Sao Paulo for the duration of the program,  most meals, and plenty of snacks. 


Yes! As part of our effort to make our programs equitable, we offer both scholarships and payment plans. Fellows are selected based on merit first. With our selection made, we offer a limited number of scholarships, which are awarded based on need. Payment plans are available to any fellow granted a place in the program.
*Within the general application, you will have the opportunity to request a scholarship and/or payment plan.


You apply by completing the application. (Maybe that part was obvious.) Then, our team of mentors assess applications. We offer fellowships to 16 people. 
We aim to have a super diverse group of people along for the ride and selection is based on a range of criteria.


Yes! We like pancakes. From New York City, to Mexico City, to Melbourne, São Paulo and beyond... we will make sure to incorporate fresh-made pancakes into our programs! 


Feel free to reach out and ask us about whatever's on your mind.


Our fellowship program is designed for adults. Specifically, for emerging leaders who want to expand their mental toolsets, develop strong connections with likeminded people and activate their leadership skills. This opportunity of for the misfits and mavericks of positive change, the curious and / or for those that are perhaps a little ‘stuck’ in their current positions. We take people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and provide an immersive and highly engaging (cerebrally and personally) environment for activating change!

You'll learn the full Un-School curriculum, which covers design, systems thinking, sustainability and social innovation & entrepreneurship. You'll learn activated leadership skills. You'll hang out with amazing mentors that will provide ongoing support to help you get your projects up and running. You'll be part of the growing but tight and curated community of Un-School fellows from all over the world.

Yes, you do. The fellowship is designed to activate leadership and we have invited mentors to work with the group throughout the week. As the week progresses, your learnings will build upon other lessons so it's important not to miss any. You'll also have projects and real-world client challenges that require teamwork and full commitment. You should plan to block your schedule out and to be available for the fellowship from 9AM to 9PM most days (we schedule some downtime too!). The week will be jam-packed with workshops, field trips, projects, food and, of course, fun!

The fellowship program is relevant for any industry and professional background. The only requirement is that you have a burning passion and desire to actively participate in leading positive change!