OUR ENTIRE Disruptive Design Methodology KNOWLEDGE SET IS ONLINE!

After countless emails and requests, we have been working hard at UnSchool HQ to set up a beautiful online experience that will allow you to take our brain-activating classes from anywhere in the world (where you have an Internet connection!).

Start with an introduction to our unique Disruptive Design Method and then run through every one of our 12 units of the Disruptive Design Methodology Knowledge set.  Leyla Acaroglu teaches the classes, which run for 45 - 60 minutes, and include extra content for cerebral activation plus one of our reflective thinkbooks!



The Disruptive Design online class series 

It is recommended to take the classes in order so you get the full knowledge set and 3D thinking tools. 


Our first class is the overview of the Disruptive Design Method for activated change making 

This class will go live September 18, 2016

This class will go live September 18, 2016

TheN WE JUMP INTO 12 Classes THAT COVER OUR FULL Disruptive Design Methodology