Making change

We are committed to activating positive social change through our programs, content and community. We partner with local organisations to help solve critical real-world issues, provide as many scholarships and equity access programs as we can, and are constantly challenging ourselves to find ways of making positive impact in the world.


Since we started our immersive programs in 2015, we have given 40 recipients over $68K of scholarships to our programs.  Our growing community of 100+ people comes from 28 countries. 


During our fellowship program, we run a 24hour design challenge for our fellows to apply their new knowledge.

Developed with an organisation local to the host city, this is a real-world design challenge that requires fellows to apply the Disruptive Design Method to a social or environmental issue. Fellows are given a design brief, placed in teams, and given 24 hours to develop design solutions that address the problem using the DD Method.

Mentors and lead educators are on hand to help throughout. When the 24 hours are up, the teams are given 10 minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of mentor and client representative judges. This high pressure environment challenges the fellows to apply what they have learned, while mixing in their own pre-existing skill set and finding ways to collaborate in solving a common quest.

unschool impact: critical areas we have worked on, financial inclusion


Financial Inclusion in Emerging Economies 

Working with a large micro-financing institution that services Latin America, our Mexico City fellows tackled the challenge of identifying opportunities and designing new models to extend financial inclusion for financially disadvantaged Mexican communities.

Result: Suggestions included redesigns for the institution's current processes, ideas for alternative access points, delivery methods of micro-financing, and initiatives to increase the chances of borrowers' financial stability and success.


Opportunities for Refugees 

Working with the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre in Australia, Melbourne fellows took on the challenge of overcoming access issues that blocked thousands of asylum seekers from participating in their unique entrepreneurship programs. 

Result: With the end goal of increasing opportunities for empowered employment and mentoring within the refugee community in Australia, fellows proposed systems-based interventions that leveraged unique positive engagement approaches to activate a marginalized community.

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Sustainable Apparel Production challenge area UnSchool Impact


Sustainable Apparel Production 

Our New York fellows worked with a very large apparel manufacturing facility in Pakistan to design social and environmental interventions. The brief was to increase the environmental performance of producing +25,000 units per day for one of the largest apparel companies in the US.

Result: Several of the design solutions and process changes suggested by our fellows have been implemented to benefit the social and environmental operating processes of the manufacturer. 


Anti-corruption in Brazil 

During our fellowship in São Paulo, we partnered with Transparency International to explore cultural interventions that could help address the systemic issues of corruption in Brazil.

Result: The client described the process as being "incredibly enlightening" and is currently incorporating many of the outcomes into their new campaign design. 

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The UnSchool seeks out collaborators and partnerships with like-minded organizations, committed to actioning sustainability and leveraging positive change.

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