Educators Symposium IN Valle de Bravo, May 27-29, 2016

UMA Un-School Educators Symposium Mexico May 2016

In partnership with UMA Mexico, the Un-School of Disruptive Design is hosting a three day educators symposium in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, which will bring together 30-40 diverse educators and educational entrepreneurs from around the world. Set for May 27-29th, 2016, this symposium will provide a place for people, that are working to increase literacy in social and environmental sustainability across disciplines, to share and collaborate on creative strategies for effecting social change.

The agenda for the three days mirrors the symposium’s objectives: to share, reflect on, evolve and build tactics, tools and models for effectively enabling collective and individual approaches to increasing sustainability literacy.

The symposium is by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation but would like to attend, please complete our invitation registry (see below).

3 day symposium registration fee: $300US

*The educators symposium concludes one day before our 4-day Pre-Certification Masterclass begins. Both programs will be held in Valle de Bravo, and we are offering a full 7-day registration option for those interested in both. Learn more about our intensive masterclass here >



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