certification PROGRAM

The Disruptive Design Approach brings together systems thinking, sustainability sciences and design thinking techniques to create a holistic approach to understanding and intervening in systems to leverage positive social change.

We are building a certification program for community members who want to track to being validated as a educator of our methodology, or a certified professional practice who applies our method to addressing real world problems.  

There are two certification tracks that alumni can apply for: Educator and Practitioner

Each certification has different requirements, benefits, time commitments and processes. You can only apply if you have fully completed the applicable UnSchool program.

What is the Certification Program?

We are building out a community of certified practitioners and educators interested in advocating, educating and enabling proactive sustainability and socially motivated change. The certification program is designed to maintain a high level of integrity within the community. Candidates need to demonstrate mastery of core knowledge, in systems, sustainability and the application of the method. They must also have excellent facilitation skills along with a clear ability to synthesize the content and apply it in divergent ways. Once certified, practitioners will have the rights, opportunities and materials needed to teach our methodology, within their own communities, and beyond, around the world. The full certification information pack will be available in late 2016. 

In order to be certified, candidates will have to:

  • Successfully complete a face-to-face masterclass or all modules in our online program (online program will be launched 2017). Successful mastery will be evaluated at the instructor's discretion.
  • Complete the required number of apprentice hours (arranged with the mentor and applicant) 
  • Provide a pre-recorded or live video lecture demonstrating ability to synthesize the content and translate it in a unique and engaging way (criteria will be provided)
  • Complete the application process which includes a written and video component (once you have completed a Masterclass, we provide you with the full application pack)
  • Submit the completed application to the certification panel, within 12 months of completing the full curriculum (via Masterclass or online). 
  • Pay the annual certification fee
  • Meet the requirements for our facilitation standards (outlined in the application pack)


Once you have applied for certification you will receive feedback from the panel. You will either:

  • be granted with a one year certification and be provided with all the materials needed to teach the Disruptive Design modules

  • be asked to complete further demonstrations of aptitude before being confirmed as certified

  • not be confirmed, which would mean having to complete the certification process again when you are ready