rio masterclass in disruptive design


This July, join us in Rio de Janeiro for a 3-day intensive pre-certification program on our unique Disruptive Design Methodology. The 12-unit curriculum dives deep into systems, sustainability and design methods for enacting social change. The program is taught by the Un-School founder, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, and covers the full set of Un-School classes -- systems thinking, gamification and game theory, ethics and empathy, cognitive sciences for change making, life cycle thinking and much more. Participants also work through a pre-existing or new project and get expert mentorship and advice in expanding it through the methodolog

Disruptive Design Methodology
"The masterclass was wonderful. Leyla is a brilliant thinker and teacher who really inspired me to challenge my preconceived notions about design and social change. The class provided me with a set of useful tools I can utilize to affect change in my workplace and profession and also led me to be more observant of how design affects our every day lives. I have also become more cognizant about how much impact simple actions have on the entire system. I highly recommend the course." - Meghan Bagriel, Legal Practitioner, Masterclass Participant  


  • Templo Gavea - R. Duque Estrada, 41 - Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • 1, 2, 3 July 2016


  • 3 day pre-certification Masterclass training: $1200

  • Earlybird 10% discounted applications close May 20

  • Partial Scholarships available, especially for local residents 

  • Places are limited, so apply early

  • By application or invitation only


Friday 1st July:

  • 9am - 6pm class sessions

  • 6pm Group Dinner

Saturday 2nd July:

  • 9am - 6pm class sessions

  • free evening (encouraged group work)

Sunday 3rd July:

  • 9am - 6pm class sessions

  • 6pm closing drinks 

About Pre-Certification 

As this is our pre-certification program; upon the completion of all course requirements, you will have the opportunity to apply to become a certified educator of the Un-School’s Disruptive Design Methodology for social change. The program is perfect for educators, designers, creative directors and professional practitioners that are engaged in social innovation and creative change. Run in an intensive Masterclass format over the course of 3 packed days, this program will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro (exact locations to be announced).

The only pre-requisite is a passion for participating in positive change, and an established practice in whatever your profession may be (which is to say: you're not fresh out of your undergrad; you're seasoned and have some formidable experience and expertise to build on). Come to get inspired, engaged and activated.


un-school disruptive design


"Leyla's classes are incredible! I was so amazed by what I crammed into my brain in such a short time. Systems thinking is such a powerful tool and I'm so excited to be building new knowledge in this area" - Tracy, NYC class participant  

"If you are interested in discovering more about how he world works and build your own unique ways of helping to solve important probelms, then you should take this course" - Peter, NYC class participant  

"It's like rapid businesses school for social social entrepreneurship" - Marta, NYC Masterclass Graduate