Yay! Here you are. Welcome to the members only Alumni Hub! So thrilled to have your continued collaboration as we explore and experiment with disruptive interventions and knowledge exchange. 

We are committed to the rapid leveling-up of our alumni to push forward as UnSchool leaders and educators. We want to help you solidify your Disruptive Design Method skill set and build rings of capability around it. Your leadership growth enables the further seeding of UnSchool methods and the positive change-making actions this world so needs. From your local communities we hope to create a formidable global explosion. 

So welcome. And thank you!

We've identified a bunch of cool ways for you to stay UnSchool-active, and will continue to update this members only section with new opportunities. We also are building playbooks, packages and kits for you to use in your UnSchool activations through the evolving UnSchool Labs Initiative we are currently experimenting with. 

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APRIL alumni opportunities

Opportunities will be updated monthly and you will get an update in your inbox monthly!