UnSchool In The Wild
(like Cool Hunting but hunting for creative disruption, system interventions, social innovation and/or pro-sustainability projects)


How to participate:

Find cool projects, provocations, and interventions tied to the UnSchool's core themes, like systems, sustainability, change making & disruptive design. Share, tag, connect and amplify with the hashtags #WILDUNSCHOOL (Short for UnSchool In The Wild)

How it works:

  • Capture and share change-making projects, provocations, and creative interventions on social media (this is primarily an instagram & twitter initiative, but we'll also be peppering it into Facebook)
  • Use the hashtag #WILDUNSCHOOL and tag @unschools so that we can find it
  • Help amplify reach of the local projects you're capturing, while also inspiring our global community
  • UnSchool HQ will retweet and repost the photos that are relevant to our community, giving you credit where due (unless you specifically request otherwise)
  • Frequent sharers will get discounts for online classes & programs (plus good exposure on our channels and, more importantly, lots of love & good karma)

Tagging the UnSchool:

Tag us,  @unschools, on twitter, Instagram &/or Facebook!

Tagging Tips:

  • Use between 5 and 10 hashtags - including UnSchool recommended hashtags and any additional location, event, thematic, activation-based hashtags you choose.

  • Use a maximum of 3 hashtags that include the “UnSchool” name

  • If English is not the local language, use hashtags in your local language and in English

  • Tag people who you think will be interested

  • Tag us so we can reshare and give you cred for your find!

Recommended Hashtags (in addition to #wildunschool):

#theunschool #unschoolalumni #makechange #disruptbydesign #disruptivedesign #fuckthestatusquo #socinn #socent #socialinnovation #sustainability #changemakers #changetheworld #creativerebels
& hashtags specific to the project you're capturing. Ie: if it's a pop-up repair shop in Buenos Aires, you might add #repair #repairability #fixit #buenosaires