ActivatING SOCIAL change at the unschool

The UnSchool of Disruptive Design is an experimental knowledge lab for creative rebels and change agents. We work with designers, artists, innovators, social entrepreneurs and world-changing-types to curate unique, cerebrally activating programming that re-orients the way we participate in the world around us. We are all about creating and sharing positively disruptive approaches to activating social change.

Our lab encourages people from diverse professional backgrounds to reorient the way they perceive and act in the world, to maximize their capacity to influence and affect positive social change.

We help emerging leaders and established professionals rapidly up-skill in designing interventions for social innovation. Our programs center on our unique approach to change-making through the disruptive design method.

Our three knowledge pillars of systems, sustainability and design allow us to build fascinating and unique cerebrally-activating classes that don't exist anywhere else.

The best way to predict the future is to design it.
— Buckminster Fuller

We are a small startup that has been busy building a global community of emerging leaders and established professionals who work to proactively and provocatively disrupt the status quo for positive change.

We are cultivating a thriving ecosystem of thinkers and doers who see problems as opportunities for innovation and creative change.

Our version of disruption is all about challenging the status quo, intervening in systems to leverage large-scale social change. 

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We were founded to help fill what we see as a 'knowledge/action gap' that exists between knowing there are problems and having the mental models and skillsets required to actively intervene and design solutions. 

We created the Disruptive Design Methodology to offer fresh approaches to skill development and knowledge transfer for the growing global community of people who want to participate in solving significant social and environmental issues. 

We are all about challenging the dominant idea that individual agency is limited in affecting positive change through professional and personal practice.

Our programs are designed for the purpose-driven leader, the agitator and the passionate communicator willing and wanting to participate in activated change. 

We are the proud winners of a CORE77 design education initiative notable mention and the recipients of the community award!